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Sahara Desert ? most amazing destination

Long endless miles of sand dunes and scorching heat are probably the images one has in mind when one thinks about deserts in general and Sahara in particular. However, if you expect to challenge yourself and live on the wild side, let’s visit Sahara desert – one of nature’s wonders with its vast stretches of sand. This desert is also home to a variety of plants and animals naturally equipped to handle the extremities of this area. The Sahara desert, which covers around 9,000,000 square kilometers and stretches over areas of Northern Africa, from the Red Sea to the areas close to the outskirts of the Atlantic Ocean has the reputation of being the world’s largest hot desert. Over the years, the climate of the Sahara desert has undergone humungous changes. This hot desert has annual temperatures that can exceed 30 degrees C. Some of the hottest months have temperatures exceeding 50 degrees C. In the winters, the temperatures drop below 0 degree. The Sahara desert is home to quite a few species of animals. Camels and goats are the only ones among the domesticated animals can live here. Apart from these, the Saharan cheetah, the sand vipers, scorpions and monitor lizards can be found out here. This desert has some of the tallest sand dunes and these can reach 189 meters in height. The land area also has stone plateaus, large gravel plains, dry valleys and even sand flats. This place has mainly nomadic groups of people that move from place to place. Nomads wear a particular headdress known as Howli. These people are mainly engaged in trading and hunting. The low population is due to the rather difficult conditions seen in the Sahara. These photos below may lead you to the amazing place:

Map of Sahara

A group of camels on sahara desert

Beautiful and vast sand dunes

Sahara Desert scene

How Hot is The Sahara Desert!

Two Lone Palm Trees Grace the Pristine Landscape of the Sahara Desert

Cool formation in the Sahara Desert

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