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Top 5 Must See Attractions In Medellin, Colombia

Maybe you have a number of information about Colombia- Colombia coffee, Colombia culture, Colombia hotels. In reality, Colombia is actually quite safe for tourists, with the exception of several regions that are easily avoidable.

Medellin is a large city located inthe middle of a mountain range in Northern Colombia. Two million people call Medellin home, not to mention the thousands who commute in and out each day to conduct business. Current Medellin is probably the most charming and enjoyable cities in South America, where you will find the most charming hotels in Colombia.

In case you have the chance to go, be sure to visit these 5 attractions.

1. Museo de Antioquia is among the finest museums in Colombia. The Museo de Antioquia exhibits various pre-Columbian, colonial and modern artworks and a vast selection of paintings and sculptures by Colombian artist Fernando Botero, lover of all things voluminous.

2. Parque de los Pies Descalzos (Barefoot park). Medellin iswarm city, and this park is a fantastic place to roll up the pants and cool off! Cold water shoots up from fountains in the park, and children have a blast (literally) jumping in and out of the water. Adults sit in the shade in surrounding areas and enjoy the spectacle.

3. Shopping at El Hueco. The shopping centers in Medellin are definitely extraordinary. Take a taxi (they are very cheap in Medellin) to Calle 48, 53 53, and spend a couple of hours exploring the various shopping centers. Be prepared to be bombarded by vendors calling out to you, and in case you do choose to buy something, haggling is obligatory here.

4. El Alumbrado. If your visit coincides with the holidays, a exceptional treat awaits you. Not just are nearly all the locals on holiday for the month, but there is just about ALWAYS a party going on. Nativity scenes and Christmas decorations galore, particularly the Alumbrado, a display of characters made from lights that line the whole city along its river, the Rio Medellin.

5. La Feria de Las Flores. A Seasonal festival takes place in Medellin every August called La Feria de las Flores (Flower festival). The city is full of flower shows, bull fights, and men known as Silleteros who parade through the streets showing off the brilliant local flowers.

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