Washington DC has the capacity to entertain all types of visitors. Whether you like to go to historical museums and land marks, art galleries, theatres, amusement parks, or trendy hotels and restaurants Washington will serve you more than you expected from it. By taking you Washington DC flights you will be welcomed to a list of sites of tourist’s interest. The choice of the sites to visit depends upon tourist’s interest. There are number of travel agencies that will be providing you guided tour to some of the best sites of this big city.

Lincoln Memorial: This memorial symbolizes the freedom of United States of America. It is built in the memory of Abraham Lincoln who saved the union. Those who seek motivation and optimism take flights to Washington DC this great land mark. It’s a great landmark that stands 19 feet high, and weights 105 tons. Before the construction of this memorial the area was undeveloped. This memorial is dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. This white marble building attracts visitors greatly and is open to public 24 hours a day.

The White House: The white house is a six storey building that is official residence and workplace of the president of United States located in Washington DC. the architect of this building is said to be partly inspired by the Irish house of parliament and all the presidents of the nation stayed here except George Washington. This building has now become of the most visited American sites by cheap Washington DC flights takers. President’s Park surrounding the White House and its grounds is also an attractive place in itself and is a good place to relax and take view of the White House building.

Franciscan Monastery: It has been a place of worship and pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of visitors since its inception. A guided tour is provided to a group of six or more visitors. Most of the travelers taken cheap flights to Washington DC opt for this guided tour that consist of two parts, the first part of the tour comprises the Upper Church and the second part the Lower Church. The complete tour takes approximately 45 minutes. It includes a church, gardens, a replica of the catacombs in Rome, a library, an archive, and bones of Saint Benignus of Armagh brought from Rome and Italy.

This is just a hint of the Washington attractions you will see a plethora of sites of your interest after taking your flights to Washington DC from UK or any other departure point.

This weekend I took my flights to Washington DC from UK cheap flights to Washington DC and was just pleased to see some of its wonderful sites there.